Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Fun at the Fayre

Wedding Fayre's are a great chance to meet new excited brides, eager to talk flowers.

On Sunday I was at Eastwell Manor which was great. It was a compliment to be an exhibitor here, as standards are high! Eastwell is a lovely venue for a dream wedding and I enjoy doing the flowers for weddings there.

Here's some pics of my stall...

Thanks to all who chatted to me on Sunday. I had some really positive response which was nice. If you are a bride to be, I would love to get involved with your flowers this year. Please just contact me if you have any further questions.

I told all brides that they are welcome to pop in the shop to create a 'story board' of their wedding flowers with me anytime. We can then photograph it and build the project from there. It is sometimes hard to know what you want at first - so I find this a great way to start and find out your flower tastes. For the Fayre I did this take on 'Vintage Floral'. I love all the antique roses, lilacs, greens, dusky pinks and ivory, next to cut glass and pearl....

All these photos were taken by my talented friend Jodie Chapman, who was also exhibiting that day.
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